Jessica Roberts, M.Ed.


Drawing on over a decade of classroom experience and research, Jessica Roberts M.Ed. combines two research-validated strategies to create Video Stories. Her book, Success Stories: Using Video Stories to Connect, Communicate, and Create True Success with your Students, demonstrates how educators everywhere can solve behavioral, social, academic, and communication problems with Video Stories. Jessica has served as Autism and Behavior Specialist for Austin ISD, LRE Support Specialist for Educational Service Center Region XIII, a Presenter at statewide and national Education and Assistive Technology conferences, and has recently returned to the classroom as a Special Educator. She is also a proud parent of a child with Special Needs and uses Video Stories at home to facilitate great progress in his language, social, and academic skills.

She offers her unique personal insight as a Special Educator, Autism & Behavior Specialist, and proud parent of a child with special needs. She has brainstormed with thousands of parents and educators to help overcome obstacles, connect with hard-to-reach students, and effectively teach complicated, yet essential concepts. Her presentations are full of innovative ideas and up-to-date information, providing many visual examples of how she has used Video Stories to effectively develop social, behavioral, communication, and academic skills. Video Stories have changed thousands of lives, and Jessica is the expert.

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