“I think the Video Stories have been life-changing for my son, because it gave us a way to break through into his little world and communicate with him. He loved being the movie star and it clicked with him. The Video Stories have been a bridge to connect his world with our own.” -L.Foley, Parent

“I like Video Stories because they are fun! I know how to make them myself. You can do it, too!” – D.Wahlquest, Student

“Jessica Roberts has proven to be a gifted master teacher.  Using Video Stories, Jessica is able to elicit language, improve behaviors and increase academic skills for out most challenging students.  Many parents consider her a miracle worker as their students exceed their expectations.  It is always great fun to visit her classroom where students are actively engaged in learning activities.  The results of the programs are apparent as she has students demonstrate their skills around the school.” -Ann Miller, Ph.D., Director of Special Education

“Jessica Roberts is a master teacher.  She has combined two validated strategies to help children acquire the critical skills that are so important for successful functioning in the school and home.  This innovative approach presents social stories, written about real-life situations using the language and vocabulary level of the child, through video self-modeling.  The result is Success Stories, a highly-motivating strategy in which the child is the star.  After conducting extensive classroom and home-based research, Jessica developed the Success Stories Guidebook so that others can learn how to use this powerful strategy.  In easy-to-follow steps, teachers and parents can create their own Success Stories individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the child.” – Jack Mayhew, Ph.D., Weber State University

“My 5-yr old daughter is my guinea pig for any new strategy I’m thinking about. She’s a typically developing 5 yr-old girl which means she is at the typical 5 yr-old girl phase of being bossy and inflexible! Lately when it’s time for her piano practice, she has turned into a little pink pony-tailed blob of whiny clingy-ness. Last night I suggested that we use her new camera that she just got for her birthday and has lots of fun special effects to film her playing her piano pieces. All of a sudden, she was transformed into a pink pony-tailed piano virtuoso! Thanks for the inspiration.” -Jennifer Marshall, Autism Teacher and Parent