The Screening

A great deal of the excitement surrounding the creation of the Video Story is wrapped up in the presentation.  The enthusiasm of the cinematographer in capturing the perfect moment can be immediately shared with the actors.  It helps not to wait to get excited.  So many times during the filming process, I shriek and jump up and down.  When there’s a clip where the delivery was perfect, even if it’s just one part of the delivery (like the question coming out clearly), I take a second to say, “Oh, that was awesome!  You got to see this!” and I show them the clip directly on the screen of the camera.

Then there is the anticipation of showing off their movie and their skills to an audience.  That adds an element of authenticity.  You can talk about who the expected audience will be.  For younger children, perhaps you will watch it when Daddy gets home or send it in the mail to his cousins or Grandma & Grandpa.  At school, perhaps you will show your classmates and peer tutors at Friday’s popcorn party.  You can send it home to parents right away and also have a special presentation of selected Video Stories at the parent pizza party at the end of the semester.

Depending on the nature of the video, some young adults may want to share it on a YouTube channel hosted by the classroom or film club or a Facebook.  There are issues concerning the privacy of the students.  You will need to get specific written permission from parents, address internet safety, and limit personal information to first names or aliases.  Some parents may be more comfortable if a fake name is used instead.  In some cases, the thrill of having a public audience through youtube or facebook inspires and motivates the students and the benefits outweigh the risk.

Another option is to coordinate a public screening and have your students be a part of the planning and process.  If you’ve created some Video Stories which you feel are a dramatic or inspiring reflection of your child’s growth or commitment to change or if your students have created a powerful documentary or other videos that they want to share with others, you can work together as a group to arrange a screening at your local church, school, library, or community center, inviting family friends, teachers, community members and making a big shindig out of it.  The presentation is an essential part of the process.  If it’s appropriate for community members to watch the video, actively promote the function by mentioning it on the school announcements, posting invitations on your classroom or school website and community businesses.

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