Updating Video Stories to account for Progress

I am grateful to report that I have had to update some Video Stories for my son recently because he has made quite a bit of progress with his articulation.  A few days ago, when he was watching his Video Stories on the iPad, I was listening while I was driving, and I realized I could not understand what he was saying except from the context of my responses and my familiarity with the movie script.  I realized that now he not only is able to count to 10 without any prompts, but his numbers and all of his words are so much more understandable now.  Wow!

So we are going to make some updates to his Video Stories this weekend.  I want him to hear himself articulating these words as clearly as possible.  I want him to imitate the correct pronunciation, or at least the approximation of it that he is currently producing.

This weekend we are going to make a new movie about riding the metro train.  We went in the winter and Solomon did not speak very much.  He was still at a stage in his language development where I had to pull language out of him.  I had to model everything and direct him to repeat what I said.  I had to model almost every word and then edit out my voice between every word to make it look like he had said a simple sentence, like “I see a house.”  Now, he not only he is actually initiating his own words and even simple sentences like “Door Open!”

We are also going to be creating an updated version of the packing list movie.  This past Christmas, we made a cute little movie about packing a suitcase with a visual packing list.  Again, he was still hardly saying anything at all, and it took a lot of energy and a truly exciting activity and a ton of directive statements to get any words out of him.  I had edited out all my models, and prompts, and directive statements, but I can tell by my super excited response to his own word approximations that what he was giving me was his best ever and more than I had hoped for.  Now, he can do so much more.  It is amazing to reflect on his progress.  It is such a slow process and there is so much more work to be done that sometimes it feels like we haven’t gotten anywhere.  But Wow!   I have Video Stories of him from this winter, where he hardly said anything the entire movie (only peer models speaking) or where I remember in my heart how much energy and effort it took to get him to try to say the few words we heard, and where the words we got all sound the same because he was only articulating two or three consonants.  Seeing where we were, I realize how far we’ve come.  The Video Stories themselves have been a major part of his intervention and progress.  Now he initiates words and phrases all day long and combines words in different contexts and uses new words every day and uses words to explain other words I am having trouble understanding, and even articulating a few more consonants on his own initiative without prompts.  I have gotten a whole new burst of energy to recreate new Video Stories to highlight the progress he has made.

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